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Highlighting Nano


If you accessing to remote host and changing some configuration file or anything from console you have to be careful because any mistake can cause a big fault.So that i think when changing configuration file from console two color is not enough.That’s why lets make a colorful nano. First create a “.nanorc” file with

  1. cd ~
  2. nano .nanorc

then write into it

  1. include "/usr/share/nano/tex.nanorc"
  2. include "/usr/share/nano/perl.nanorc"
  3. include "/usr/share/nano/python.nanorc"
  4. include "/usr/share/nano/html.nanorc"
  5. include "/usr/share/nano/ruby.nanorc"
  6. include "/usr/share/nano/nanorc.nanorc"
  7. include "/usr/share/nano/java.nanorc"
  8. include "/usr/share/nano/patch.nanorc"
  9. include "/usr/share/nano/man.nanorc"
  10. include "/usr/share/nano/c.nanorc"
  11. include "/usr/share/nano/sh.nanorc"

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